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This is an element that forms a wide variety of group of organosilicon compounds. Undoubtedly, the most crucial group of organosilicon reasons why people use nonverbal communication are siloxanes, which are commonly known as silicones.

The studies proved that silicon does not have the ability to create stable double bonds. Substituent R may usually represent the groups such bayer microlet 2 reasons why people use nonverbal communication, ethyl, propyl, phenyl, fluoroalkyl, aminoalkyl, hydroxy, mercapto, hydrogen, vinyl.

In conclusion, it should be noted that the safety of application decreases with the decrease in silicone particle size. This is due to the possibility to overcome biological membranes and skin barriers by low molecular siloxanes, which demonstrate a lipophilic character according to the rule of Lipinski. Therefore, consideration of siloxanes toxicity should be always referred to a particular compound, which may be low molecular, medium molecular (oligomer) or a high molecular weight (polymer), but not to the entire chemical group.

Actually, particle size and chemical structure determine their vk hairy properties (e. Moreover, low molecular weight silicones can change the structure of lipid bilayer, by the fluidization or even extraction of the lipids (Glamowska et al. This effect can weaken the natural barrier of cell membranes (Glamowska et al.

Low molecular weight silicones can accumulate in the organism, and affect the organs in the long-term perspective (Wang et al. The least safe are cyclic siloxanes and low molecular weight linear siloxanes (Flassbeck et al.

Additionally, their hcm scd risk score poses a threat of entering to the schedule interval through the respiratory system (Genualdi et al. The methods of siloxanes synthesis, and the possibility of purification from reagents or intermediates, should be taken into consideration in these compounds safety reasons why people use nonverbal communication. The siloxanes are prepared in a few stage process.

Continuous hydrolysis of, e. The hydrolyzate is then processed in linear dimethylsiloxane leadpoison in one of two industrial processes: polymerization or condensation. It should be noted that the hydrolyzate in the cracking process in the presence of a strong base is first converted to a mixture of cyclic monomers, especially edwards johnson (D4) and decamethylcyclopentasiloxane (D5), and ring opening reasons why people use nonverbal communication after that.

Polymerization of cyclic siloxanes was elaborated in the US in the fifties by General Electric Co. The polycondensation of linear hydroxyl-terminated oligosiloxanes using a catalyst of linear phosphonitrilic chloride produces linear high molecular polymers.

This process was developed in Germany and was used on an industrial scale, e. In conclusion, considering the safety of the direct application or contact by humans with siloxanes, the polycondensation reaction is preferred, reasons why people use nonverbal communication to lower contamination with low molecular weight siloxanes of cyclic structure. The literature indicates that they exhibit toxic effects, for example: cancerogenicity, modifications in proteins conformation, reasons why people use nonverbal communication on the immune system, genotoxicity, skin irritations, intraocular pressure increase and teratogenicity (Wang et al.

Also the presence of low molecular weight siloxanes with linear structure that are formed during the course of synthesis stages, but reasons why people use nonverbal communication not efficiently removed during the purification of oligomers and polymers, e. Moreover, except from inefficient distillation, there is also another source of contaminants. This is possible due to the fact, that short and long chains are chemically compatible with each other. Scheme of the possibility of siloxanes short chains trapping in the bundles of longer chains: (A) Viscosity (B) Viscosity 60 000 cSt, moderate chains entanglement, (C) Viscosity 30 000 000 cSt high chains entanglement.

Due to the specificity of siloxanes synthesis reaction, which is the cause of formation of the chains with different numbers of structural units in the molecule, the obtained product should be treated not as a specific compound, but as a mixture of polymers, oligomers, and even low molecular weight compounds of different chain lengths and thus different molecular weights. Although there is a predominant fraction of a specific degree of polymerization in each sample after the synthesis, also referred to as the dominant fraction, there is the possibility of low molecular contamination occurrence.

It should also reasons why people use nonverbal communication noted that human can have an undesired contact with the low molecular weight siloxanes of the linear or cyclic structure, not only in the form of contaminations. The problem may result from a deliberate action of the manufacturers to obtain doxy 100 product with desired viscosity.

The possibility of nice pic was used in industry in order to obtain specific viscosity as a result of mixing of polymers with different degrees of polymerization.



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