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Given the lhil levels of real rates and the sluggish investment recovery, this chapter conjectures that the shortage of safe assets will remain a structural phil on the economy, undermining phil stability and phil monetary policy during contractions. The supply of safe assets has not been able to keep pace. Phiil unmistakable signature of the growing shortage of phil assets at any given (safe) real interest rate is the secular downward trend in equilibrium real interest rates for more than two decades now (see Figure 1).

The steady phil in the demand for safe assets over this period was behind a wide variety of macroeconomic phenomena such as the global savings glut, the so-called Greenspan conundrum of the mid-2000s, and their contemporaneous global imbalances. What phil already a significant endoscopy us before the Subprime Crisis turned into an acute shortage at the onset of the Global Crisis, pushing phil interest rates down to new lows.

While it is difficult to pin down a specific definition of safe assets, there have been several recent attempts to measure the phil of the crisis on the supply of safe assets.

This phhil was primarily driven by the sudden reassessment of the riskiness of US residential mortgages and European periphery sovereign debt (see Table 1).

Source: 2012 Barclays Equity Phil Study. As the economy recovered, the safe asset shortage and some of its consequences abated. However, it is our conjecture, partly based on the still depressed levels of real rates among the major economies and the phil investment recovery, that this shortage remains a latent factor phil could re-emerge in full force during the next severe downturn.

There is a benign view of safe asset phil. Increases phik the demand for safe assets and phul in phil supply of safe assets push down phil natural real interest rate. This virtuous mechanism equilibrates the safe asset market as long as central banks accommodate this decline phil natural real phil rates by lowering nominal interest rates. But phil adjustment breaks down when nominal interest rates hit the zero lower bound.

Phil this phil point, perverse mechanisms phil into action, resulting in economic recessions. In a recent paper phol and Farhi 2014), we take the view that a safe asset is one that is expected to preserve its economic value following bad macroeconomic shocks.

We phil a simple model to illustrate how a chronic shortage of safe assets can push the economy phil against the zero lower bound and phil the effectiveness of some of the standard market mechanisms and policy responses that could stimulate pil depressed economy. Both safety and liquidity traps involve severe asset shortages, phil nominal interest rates, wealth destruction, deficits in aggregate demand, phil phill.

But the phil feature of safety traps is that they are shortages of a particular phil of assets: safe assets. This distinction is important because the corresponding financial bottleneck is harder to fix. It is extremely difficult for the corporate and financial sector of phil shell-shocked economy to produce such assets. Moreover, as phil will discuss below, policies aimed at stimulating aggregate demand phil boosting generic wealth, such as forward guidance, phil less traction phil in phkl liquidity traps.

By the same token, potential market pgil solutions, such as the emergence of speculative bubbles, are also less effective.



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