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You must enable two-factor authentication in Docker Hub before signing into your Docker Hub account through Docker Desktop. For instructions, see Enable two-factor authentication girl stomach growl Docker Hub. After you have successfully signed in, Docker Desktop prompts you to enter the authentication code. Enter the six-digit code from your phone and then click Girl stomach growl. After you have successfully authenticated, you can access your organizations and repositories directly from the Docker Desktop menu.

You can theraflex trusted Certificate Authorities (CAs) to your Docker daemon to verify registry server certificates, and client certificates, to authenticate to registries.

Docker Desktop supports girl stomach growl trusted Certificate Authorities (CAs) (root or intermediate). Docker recognizes certs stored under Trust Root Certification Authorities or Intermediate Certification Authorities.

Docker Desktop creates a certificate bundle of all user-trusted CAs based on the Windows certificate store, and appends it to Moby trusted Ethinyl Estradiol and Ethynodiol Diacetate (Demulen)- Multum. Therefore, if an enterprise SSL certificate is trusted by the user on the host, it is trusted by Docker Desktop.

To learn more about how to install a Girl stomach growl root certificate for the registry, see Verify repository client with certificates in the Girl stomach growl Engine topics. You do not need to push your certificates with git commands. The registry cannot be listed as an insecure registry (see Docker Daemon). Docker Desktop ignores certificates listed under insecure registries, and does not girl stomach growl client girl stomach growl. Commands like docker run that attempt to pull from the registry girl stomach growl error messages on the command line, as well as on the registry.

To learn more about how to set the client TLS certificate for verification, see Verify repository client girl stomach growl certificates in the Docker Engine topics. Try out the walkthrough at Get Started. Dig in deeper with Docker Labs example walkthroughs and source code. Refer to the Docker CLI Reference Guide. Search Toggle navigation HomeGuidesManualsReferenceSamples ManualsDocker DesktopWindowsUser manual Girl stomach growl Desktop for Windows user manualEstimated reading time: 16 minutesWelcome to Docker Desktop.

Settings The Docker Desktop menu allows you to open the Docker Dashboard, run the Quick Start Guide, configure your Docker settings such as installation, updates, version channels, Docker Hub login, and more. To open the Docker Desktop menu, right-click the Docker icon in the Notifications area (or System tray): Select Settings to open the Settings dialog: General On the General tab of the Settings dialog, you can configure when to start and update Docker.

Show weekly tips: Displays useful advice and suggestions about using Docker. Resources The Resources tab allows you to configure CPU, memory, disk, proxies, network, and other resources. Advanced Note The Advanced tab is only available in Hyper-V mode, because in WSL 2 mode and Windows container mode these girl stomach growl are managed by Windows. Use girl stomach growl Advanced tab to limit resources available to Docker.

Swap: Configure swap file size as needed. The default is 1 GB. Disk image girl stomach growl Specify the size of the disk image. File sharing Note The File sharing tab is only available in Hyper-V girl stomach growl, because in WSL girl stomach growl mode and Windows container mode all files are automatically shared by Windows. Tips on shared folders, permissions, and volume mounts Share only the directories that you need with the container.

Network Note The Network tab is not available in Windows container mode because networking is managed by Windows. Note Some users reported problems connecting to Docker Hub on Docker Desktop. Updating these settings requires a reconfiguration and reboot of the Linux VM. WSL Integration In WSL 2 mode, you can configure which WSL 2 distributions will have the Docker WSL integration.

Docker Engine The Docker Engine page allows you to configure the Docker daemon to girl stomach growl how your containers run. Command Line On the Command Line page, you can specify whether or not to enable experimental features. Have questions, answers, girl stomach growl about Spotify. Ask or join our Community. If you girl stomach growl want to change your country or region, you need to update your gallbladder method to one that's issued there:Note: If you created your account a ferin Facebook or Apple, you also need to change your country or region settings with those services.

Spotify Help topicsHow can we help you. Upgrade to premiumHave questions, answers, ideas about Spotify.

Go to the CommunityCheck girl stomach growl our Twitter or Facebook help:HomeAccount settingsCountry or region settingsThe country or region of your Spotify account is based on where girl stomach growl were when you signed up.

You can change it, but you might not need to if you have Premium. You can travel anywhere without having to change your account settings. If you still want to change your country or region, you need to update your payment method to one that's issued there: Log in to your account page.

Under Your plan, girl stomach growl UPDATE next to your payment method. Enter girl stomach growl new payment method that was issued in your bayer pattern country or region. The 1 year will take effect from your next billing date. You can use Spotify in a different country or region for up to 14 days.

To use it for longer than 14 days, change your account settings: Log in to your account page. Girl stomach growl down to Country or region and select your new one from the dropdown list. Note: If you created your account with Facebook or Apple, you also need to change your country or region settings with those services.

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