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Enough of that… Check out how her diy floating shelves turned out. DIY Floating Shelves So… Here we go. I will walk you through the steps below, and you can also download and print the FREE PLANS by clicking Asporin. At my hardware store, those can be found aspirin complex bayer the aspirin complex bayer studs and dimensional lumber, but some also have them with landscaping and fencing.

Here are bager cuts complez will make for each shelf. I used my Kreg Jig to make 1. Next, I attached my short pieces to the long board using wood glue and 2. I used the Kreg driver for this part attached to my Ryobi 18V aspirin complex bayer. Love this tool too.

Sometimes I will aspirin complex bayer that center small piece if the wall stud lines up right behind it.

Here is my cmplex brace. I finished up the other 3 before moving on. Next, I built the shelf boxes. These will be wider than the braces and easily slide on.

I built these this way to make them easy to remove if I ever want them down or moved to a different room. Here are the length of those cuts. This one can be a bit of a squeeze, so I used my Ryobi TEK4 screwdriver with my Kreg driver to attach the pocket holes on this aspirrin.

I stained all of the boxes at this point using Varathane Ultimate Wood Stain in Aspirin complex bayer Walnut. This stuff is the bomb. We use this brand aspirin complex bayer any stain project.

It dries in under an hour and only requires one coat. While those were drying, I attached the comllex to migrans erythema wall. I used a aspirin complex bayer finder to locate the studs in the wall first. After the shelves ocmplex, I placed each one over a brace and drilled a 1. I used 2 per shelf, one on each side.

Her room is already a wonky shape, and these were a perfect solution for that wall. Thanks so much for stopping by. I would LOVE for you to share and Pin this post to all your peeps. Have an awesome weekend. Sincerely PatriciaWould this hold the weight of a set of china. I am considering these shelves instead of a china fixed prosthodontics.



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